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New Year, New Me...?

As soon as the clocks chimes midnight on December 31st, we enter a new year with the belief that we can make a change there and then.

Known as a 'New Year's Resolution', we promise ourselves that we will quit smoking, take part in Dry January, lose weight or join the gym among other goals.

Let's be honest; How many of those promises have you broken by around 12:30am on January 1st? I know I have! We excuse ourselves because it's 'still the same night' or promise yourself you'll start tomorrow.

It doesn't mean you've failed. WHY should we make a lifestyle change ONLY on January 1st? Every day is a new day and you can make a positive change whenever you like.

However, sometimes it can take a little help. Let's take smoking for example. You want to quit? GOOD! But going cold turkey doesn't work for everyone. You may try patches or gum and that may help for a while, but depending on your cravings, you might go back to the 'odd fag' every so often.

Hypnotherapy re-programmes the part of you that runs the smoking habit (and it IS a habit, NOT an addiction!) and makes a change so you become a non-smoker.

At North Yorkshire Hypnotherapy, it takes just ONE session. If you still have cravings after that, your next session is free. That's how confident I am it'll work for you.

It's not just smoking of course. Hypnotherapy can make positive changes with many different issues. To find out more, click HERE.

I have therapy rooms in Northallerton, Thirsk & Easingwold.

Let's make that change - Set Yourself Free!

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