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I LOVE Chocolate!

Hypnotherapy for chocolate

Chocolate is one of my favourite things to eat. The taste, the smoothness... I'm drooling right now thinking about it!

However, I don't eat it every day for every meal. I may have a nibble of some at least once a week. I'm happy with that.

Whenever I introduce myself as a Hypnotherapist, one of the most common replies is, "Can you make me STOP eating chocolate?!"

The quick answer is yes. But, the question is, WHY?

Why would you want to give up something you enjoy? Why would you want to restrict yourself on one of life's little treats?

When it comes to aversion techniques, you have to ask the client what else is going on? Is it JUST chocolate you want to give up? What's the bigger picture? Do you actually want to lose weight, do you feel ashamed, is there an underlying issue of low self-esteem?

Our subconscious mind tries to deal with things in different ways. It may be that chocolate gives you a sudden boost of happiness, but then can quickly turn to shame or sadness.

So, you have to think what you TRULY want to achieve. Sometimes this isn't easy.

At North Yorkshire Hypnotherapy, we can work together to find the root cause of your issue and help you overcome it naturally and safely.

I run a weight loss 'course' which is a minimum of two sessions; After which, you will have the tools to continue your journey.

As for low self-esteem, grief, depression, confidence; that is something we can tackle together.

If you want to NEVER enjoy chocolate again... Well, that can be done. But why would you want to?!


Tim x

To find out more, click HERE and 'Like' my Facebook Page HERE.


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